Girl Gets in Trouble for Inappropriate Dress, But She's Totally Covered?

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Ugh. These school dress code violation stories just leave us shaking our heads.

Veronica Ferry, a 16-year-old who attends Clayton High School in Clayton, North Carolina, was told her fairly conservative outfit violated school dress code guidelines.

We honestly can't figure out what's wrong with her dress that she would get in trouble. The floral sundress doesn't have a plunging neckline, the length seems appropriate and, if the straps are too skinny, they're covered by a jean jacket. Oh, and she wore a pair of shorts under the dress, too!

The kicker? She's worn the outfit before without anyone batting an eyelash.

So why did her dress choice come under fire? When she went to the office to drop off a doctor's note for her school absence, she said an administrator gave her a hard time, as Veronica explained, "She just gave me mean looks and how you shouldn't wear inappropriate clothes to school,"

Another school administrator told Veronica to call home for a change of clothes that were more appropriate.

It all left Veronica very upset, as she explained, "I just felt like the teachers were disappointed and that I didn't have any self respect and they just talked to me in a mean and degrading way. They just made me feel really bad."

According to ABC 11, the school dress code indicates that "appropriate shorts are no higher than four inches above the top of the knee and skirts and dresses should be three inches above the same point. Inappropriate would be anything that clearly disrupts class or learning activities."

Veronica's mother, Tammy, argued, "Explain to me why it's inappropriate, and explain to me why you're not enforcing the dress code for everybody."

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