Gross! It Literally Rained Poop at This Girl's Birthday Party

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This is the s**ttiest birthday party ever - literally!

This poor girl was celebrating her sweet 16 on Sunday May 17 - Her family and friends were there, they had a cake, everything was going great and then suddenly, it started raining POOP. Yes, actual poop fell from the sky and rained on her parade birthday party.
There are so many poop puns we could use here, but we can use those whenever we want. What we DON'T get to do as often is utilize the poop emoji. So, here it is, in all its glory...because this story simply wouldn't be complete without it.

All right, now how did the poop end up at the party? Because we've seen some weird things rain down from the sky (including spiders in Australia), but never poop. There is the occasional bird poop, but this was human feces. Like, a port-a-potty making it rain, which is technically what happened.

Turns out, a plane was apparently flying over the house when they apparently just dumped the sewage from their bathrooms and hello s**t storm.

According to MyFoxPhilly, the FAA will investigate the incident...because, seriously, how does that even happen? Isn't there a whole process they have to go through to empty the tanks or can someone accidentally just hit the sewage switch and...look out below!
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