Mom Publicly Shames Her 13-Year-Old Daughter on Facebook

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If you ever thought your mom was harsh, you haven't heard of Val Starks. The single Denver mom was shocked to find out her 13-year-old daughter was pretending to be 19 on Facebook and posting provocative photos of herself in a bra and panties, and decided to take matters into her own hands.

She forced her daughter to admit everything she was lying about in this video, which has gone viral since she posted it on her daughter's Facebook. "To everybody out there who's her friend, this is going on her Facebook page and I want all of you to know she watches Disney channel," her mom says. "You still wear panties that say Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday."

We almost feel a bit bad for her daughter, who starts crying as her mom makes her admit she's only 13, still has a bedtime and isn't a "freak" like she claimed on Facebook. As embarrassed as she may be, we have no doubt she learned her lesson after this and we applaud her mom for showing her daughter some tough love.

Val has since received so many friend requests from people that she can't accept any more friends, and posted a video thanking parents for their support. Good job, Val!

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