Selena Gomez Is Done With Justin Bieber After Seeing Him With New Girl?

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What's going on with Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber these days? The former love birds are always off and on, so it's no surprise that there's talk that they recently thought about getting back together. That's until Justin stepped out with a new girl. What the...?

Justin's been seen out and about with a new stunning companion, U.K. model Jayde Pierce. They were first spotted over the weekend hiking around Los Angeles, California. On Wednesday, they were working up a sweat, this time heading to work out in West Hollywood.

The Biebs and Jayde are reportedly more than just buffing up pals, though. Like pros, they avoided any physical contact as they left gym. They aren't foolin' us, though. She flaunted their time together by posting a very, up-close, comfy picture of the two of them on a hike. But wait, we thought he just called out Sel's beauty at the Met Gala a few weeks ago?

According to, Selena is done with Bieber. A source told them, "Justin blew it with Selena, for sure now. When she confronted him on the phone about his mind games, he gave the lame excuse of being so busy in the studio. Now that she has seen the pics of Justin and Jayde, she's convinced that he absolutely has not changed. Maybe he doesn't hang out with his troublemaker friends anymore, but when it comes to relationships and how to treat women, he doesn't have a clue."

After the Met Ball in NYC, Selena was reportedly under the impression that Justin was going to ask her out on a date when they both got back to Los Angeles.

"She still can't figure out why he came on so strong at the MET Gala, only to blow her off. Justin used to do this, he used to totally get to Selena by making her jealous. But she's over it. She's totally done. He blew it," their source added.

"She asked him why he made it seem like he was still so into her the Met Ball, why he made such a fuss about 'how gorgeous she looked' that night, and why he begged to see when they were both back in LA. She told him that she felt disrespected, taken advantage of and toyed with."
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