Oh No! Kylie Jenner Just Had a Major Hair Disaster

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We're obsessed with Kylie Jenner's hair. You're obsessed with Kylie Jenner's hair...it's just sort of an unspoken understanding that we all have.

Given that the reality star switches up her style all the time, we never know what we can expect - except that it will be awesome. Seriously, Ky can do no wrong when it comes to her hair. Blue, gray, short, long, whatever. It all looks good.

In this case, though, Kylie's hair changed and it was NOT something that she wanted. We can't really say we blame her, either.

In a Snapchat video on Friday night, Kylie had a hat on and revealed that someone had full-on chopped off a section of hair when they were cutting out her wig. We would have totally freaked out (seriously, how are you going to grow that out?), but Kylie isn't freaking out...

Why? Probably because she knows that she's Kylie Jenner and that she'll somehow figure out a way to turn her hair mishap into something cool.
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