Hilarious Pizza Hut Ad Warns Against the 'Dangers' of Selfie Sticks

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The funny thing about this Pizza Hut ad is that...well, there are a lot of funny things about it. But, the irony is that it's a mock PSA and it actually does serve as a PSA of sorts.

"Who hasn't been thrilled by the self-photographer?" the woman begins. "Those fabulous narc-artists who allow us to bask in the brightness of their shine. But these egotastic specimens of visual self-obsession are in danger," she explains, before showing a selfie stick.

So, what's wrong with that? "By moving the camera away from the central subject of the selfie, selfie sticks create the illusion that other object, places and even people exist."

And if you still want to fly solo with your selfie stick, there are other clear dangers. You think texting while you're walking is hard, try using your selfie stick while you're on the move.

Even abusing a selfie stick in the comfort of your own home can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage...

Not that we don't want to see what your #ootd, #hat, #makeup and #shoes look like from a few feet away - we're sure they look #amazing - but is it really worth the risk?!
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