Teen Mom OG Sneak Peek: Farrah Really Wants Her Boyfriend to Bond With Sophia

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For single moms, dating someone means you don't just have to vibe with the person, but you want to make sure your child likes them and vice versa.

In Farrah Abraham's case, she's finally happy in a relationship and she wants her daughter and her new man to bond so badly that she's actually willing to force it.

In this sneak peek from the Teen Mom OG season finale, Farrah and Simon are getting in the car to go to the airport and Sophia says she wants Simon to sit in the back with her, which is probably music to Farrah's ears.

When Simon seems less than enthusiastic about the idea, Farrah offers to sit back there with them and they have Heather, one of the producers, drive them.

Once they get settled in the back seat with Soph, things get pretty awkward. Simon still isn't feelin' it and Farrah gets frustrated with his lack of enthusiasm. She asks if he feels like he's pushing her too much to be with Sophia and he says no, but Sophia says "I feel like he's tricking me."

After Farrah literally puts Simon's arm around Sophia, he gets annoyed and asks her why she's forcing it.

We understand why Farrah wants them to bond, but maybe they'll do it in their own time...
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