This Guy Just Got the Weirdest Calf Cramp of All Time

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What is happening?!

We've all had one of those weird rogue cramps (feet and calves are popular places that our bodies like to do this to us) and it is just the worst. The foot ones are probably THE official worst because your toes go all weird - one goes up, one goes down - and it's just some really strange s**t.

But this guy just got a calf cramp that puts even the weirdest foot cramps to shame. We're not sure how he thought to grab his phone and take a video of it because we know from experience that when you get a major league calf or foot cramp, you feel like your body is wringing that muscle out like a wet towel and recording it is not the first (or second or third) thing on your mind in that moment.

This guy is obviously the ultimate multi-tasker, though, and he was heads-up enough to get this craziness on video. We're not sure if we're grateful for that or not. The video totally weirds us out, yet for some reason, we're still totally mesmerized by it.


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