Questions You're Too Embarrassed to Ask About Your Hair Down There

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From shaving, trimming, waxing, dying and, dare we say, lasering, there are a lot of things a girl can do with her hair down there. Grooming your pubes is kinda like cleaning your floor: There are a million ways to do it — sweeping, mopping, Swiffering — but it's a pain in the ass. Well, up-keeping your curlicues can be a literal pain in the ass, so it's important to know the best way to maintain the most sensitive skin on your body.

We all have questions about what's happening below the belt but might not feel completely comfortable asking them. We sought out Maria Lekkakos, master aesthetician and salon owner whose A-list clients include Rosario Dawson and Salma Hayek, to answer some of your most crucial questions about your hair down under.

Cambio: Waxing, shaving or laser hair removal? Go!

Maria Lekkakos: Waxing is considered to be a better way to remove hair than shaving. When done correctly by a professional, it exfoliates the skin while it pulls the hair from the follicle. Shaving irritates the skin and causes the hair to get thicker in the follicle, creating in-grown hairs. Laser hair removal is the step up to having less hair and smoother skin. It permanently kills the hair follicle, making for less irritation and no in-grown hair. Laser is by far my favorite type of method of removing hair. The only down side is that it's not for everyone. If the hair is light, the laser cannot, or has a hard time, recognizing it, so it works best on darker hair.

The last time we were waxed, we screamed like Steve Carell. What can we do to shave like a boss?

I personally love to shave with Sundari Body Baum. This is a pure ayurvedic balm that conditions the skin while removing hair. My other favorite product is Thalgo Body Scrub. [It] fully exfoliates the skin before shaving, so all hair is loose and ready to be removed. For people who tend to get bumps, I recommend Tend Skin to keep bumps at bay.

What if we're doing it wrong? Ergo, what's the biggest mistake we can make?

Teenage girls start really young in today's day and age. The biggest mistake I see are girls wanting to mimic looks they read or hear about. Often girls start too young with a Brazilian by shaving it completely which causes all sorts of bumps and in-growns. I've also seen a lot of hyper-pigmentation, which can occur because of over stimulation with a laser. Eliminating all pubic isn't a good idea because it's needed to maintain adequate personal hygiene as a small amount of hair is important to help prevent infections. I encourage teenage girls to first consult with their parents and/or an aesthetician before shaving, waxing or using laser hair removal.


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