Jason Derulo Reveals the Secret to His Six-Pack Abs

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It's no secret Jason Derulo has some of the best abs in the business (seriously have you seen them?!).

Now the "Wiggle" singer is revealing the secrets to his chiseled six-pack, kicking things off with a short list of his gym essentials. In a video interview for Billboard, Jason said he has to have headphones, his gym bag, a bottle of water, his cell phone and Muscle Milk on deck when he starts his workouts. He also loves listening to Daft Punk's "One More Time" to get him pumped up at the gym.

As far as his ab workout regimen, Jason loves working with a pull up bar. "There's so much you can do on the pull up bar," he said, showing off some of his moves. "I like to do my abs on the pull up bar so I can work my back a little bit as I'm working my abs. To stabilize [on the bar] you have to use your core. Every time I do pull ups, I have my legs straight out so I'm getting an ab workout the same time I'm working my back.

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Jason also adds moves to the right and left on the pull-up bar to activate his obliques and does other moves to reach the other parts of his core. To top that off, he also does regular sit-ups with a 50-pound weight. "Having that 50-pound weight is putting extra stress on the abs so they can pop out a little bit," he said. "You don't want a 6-year-old boy's abs."

Take a peek at the other ways Jason chisels his abs and the advice he has for fans to help them get ready for summer. This guy could definitely double as a fitness trainer. Check out the full video above!

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