4 Questions to Ask Before Chopping Your Tresses

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You've had the same hairstyle for months, maybe years, and you're thinking about switching it up for summer. The weather is about to be a scorcher, so perhaps you'll opt for a cute, short 'do or shave it all off à la Amber Rose. You're bored, and you really want to go bold, edgy and trendy. You've been stalking Miley Cyrus's IG for inspo, so you're totally committed!

A short hairstyle can absolutely transform your look and turn an already babe (YOU) into a super-hot vixen. But before you get all scissor-happy, you might want to take a moment and answer these questions. We're all for changing it up and being spontaneous (c'mon, it's just hair; it'll grow back!), but if we can avoid any beauty regrets, we shall and we will.

Have you cut your hair virtually first?

attractive girl having a...Let's just take a moment to appreciate technology. With sites like Taaz, you can e-try on a variety of haircuts from the comfort of your couch. Upload your photo and start playing with different styles. Obviously, you won't get a full feel of what a short 'do will look like, but you'll get an idea. If your virtual makeover meets your standards, then you're halfway there.

Have you consulted a focus group (aka your friends)?

friends talking about one's...Research is key in any major decision. Have you polled your baes who have short hair? Have you actually consulted someone with the look you're going for? They can tell you all the ins and outs, the good, bad and the ugly of having a short 'do. How's the maintenance? What's the upkeep? Do you miss your long hair? Tell. Me. Everything.

Are you ready for the all the maintenance?

young girl cut hair with...You'd think with shorter hair that you can just hop out of bed and go. That's not the case. Short hair has to be cut and primped more often than not. There's also some serious styling that goes into it. You don't think JLaw just woke up like that, do you? OK, she probably did.

How many ways can you style the 'do?

2013 MTV Video Music Awards - ArrivalsIf you're frustrated with the lack of options from your current hairstyle, imagine if you had only 2 inches of hair to work with! The possibilities may not be as endless as you imagine. Make sure you're aware of your options first and can work with the same style week after week.


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