5 '90s Beauty Trends You Forgot About But Should Totally Remember

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It’s no secret that the '90s are making a major comeback. From Doc Martens to chokers to scrunchies (as if!), '90s fashion is having a mega-moment. But it’s not just the clothes and accessories we’re dying to get our hands on this season: '90s beauty trends are totally worth getting into.

Don’t get us wrong; not everything about the '90s is worth reliving. If we never uttered the words "Da bomb" again, we would die happily (same goes for frosted tips and barely there eyebrows). But there are some styles worth revisiting. Because we’ve always got your back, we’ve put together a list of beauty trends that’ll bring out the inner '90s babe in all of us. 

Very Berry Lips

The reality is the berry lip isn't going anywhere. It’s iconic, it’s a staple, and every girl should be wearing it. The best thing about deep berry lipstick is that it looks great on every skin tone and can be done is a variety of ways from sheer to glossy to matte. Our go-to products are Nars's Train Bleu, NYX’s Transylvania and Revlon’s Va Va Violet.

Bed Head

You might not think it when looking in the mirror every morning, but trust us, there is nothing sexier than freshly tousled hair. It’s messy, it's carefree, and it’s totally hot. Nineties gals knew that! It means low maintenance and less hair products — every gal’s dream.

Glittery Skin

Body glitter used to be THE thing in the '90s. You would lather up your skin every day in ACTUAL glitter. The trend is creeping its way into 2015, with lots of girls opting for glitter art and metallic tattoos. Believe us, it’s very popular on the music festival scene. We’re really diggin’ it (too '90’s?). Beyoncé really got the trend going when she was photographed in tattoos similar to the ones you can purchase at Flash Tat

Brown Lipstick

While this dark hue works best for fall, the trend is certainly worth trying this summer. It’s a game-changer because there is something mysterious and highly sophisticated about the look. If deep brown is too drastic for you, try a subtle stain affect by going a few shades lighter. 

White Nail Polish

Back in the '90s, school girls would actually paint their nails with white-out. While we’re not suggesting you use your school supplies as beauty products, we do encourage you to try white nail polish this summer. Try Wet n Wild Wild Shine Nail Color in French White Creme 449C or Essie’s Blanc for a look that salutes summer.


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