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17 Reasons We NEED a 'Gilmore Girls' Movie

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1. Because Lorelai and Rory are LIFE

Seriously. Have you ever seen a more perfect mother/daughter duo? Nuh uh. Neither have we.

2. Because any and every one of life's biggest problems can be fixed with a Gilmore Girls quote


3. Because Gilmore Girls taught us what true love looks like

4. Because entertainment should also make you think every once in a while

gilmore girls gifs

5. Because Rory is ALL of us

6. Because everyone needs a little more Sookie in their lives

Further evidence that Melissa McCarthy was and always will be fabulous.

7. Because let's be real: We all want to see a little more of Rory and Jess

(or Logan...oh, who are we kidding, we mean Dean)

8. Because, honestly, have you seen Dean now?!

8. Because Stars Hollow is actually paradise (and we need to live there again, even if it's vicariously through made up characters)

9. Because Gilmore Girls advice is the only advice

10. Because we want to see Rory as a mom

...and Lorelai would literally be the COOLEST GRANDMA EVER

11. Because watching and re-watching every single Gilmore Girls episode on Netflix in one sitting isn't healthy...probably

12. Because who doesn't miss Lorelai's singing?

13. Because HOW GREAT would Luke and Lorelai's marriage be now?

14. Because we want to know what happens to this guy

Ohhhh Kirkkkk.

15. Because Paris as a doctor is so unbelievable that it NEEDS to be documented

Can someone say bedside manner?

16. Because Emily Gilmore is everyone's evil mother, but we just can't get enough

17. Because we will walk out of the movie theater with ridiculously goofy smiles on our faces, knowing that we have just been "Gilmored" and loving every single minute of it. GUARANTEED.

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