Even Penn Badgley Didn't Get the Ending of 'Gossip Girl'

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I'm a big fan of Gossip Girl. The gorgeous fashion, the endless drama, the "will-they-won't-they" romances — The CW show was six seasons of escapist fun. But despite my status as a ride-or-die Gossip Girl fan, even I know that the ending left much to be desired. (If you haven't caught up yet with the series on Netflix, read at your own risk!)

The huge reveal that it was Brooklynite Dan Humphrey behind the keys of the snarky Gossip Girl blog was a shock to everyone's system, but not because the twist was so well crafted. The big reveal left fans scratching their heads, but the person who really thought it made no sense was a little closer to the action. In a recent interview with People Magazine, Penn Badgley admitted that the reveal that Dan was Gossip Girl made no sense, which means it wasn't just fans who didn't really "get" the ending.

Yep, even the real-life Dan couldn't quite wrap his head around Dan being Gossip Guy:

"[The reveal that Dan was Gossip Girl all along] doesn't make sense! It wouldn't have made sense for anybody! Gossip Girl doesn't make sense."

He's not exactly wrong. Though there are tons of fans who insist that the show peppered clues around all six seasons that it was Dan who was the anonymous blogger, ultimately a whole lot of things just don't add up. We saw Dan look at his phone, shocked by a Gossip Girl blast dozens of times. We saw him get offended by the cruel digs and rumors sent out by the Upper East Side documentarian. We even saw him comfort his sister Jenny after Gossip Girl all but destroyed her reputation. The series finale may have tried to explain away all of these major plot holes, but the clearest explanation is that Dan is an unfeeling sociopath with a potential multiple personality disorder — and that the show's ending makes no sense.

Of course, there is one thing that even Penn admits does align Dan and Gossip Girl with one another: the fact that both GG and Dan are writers, even if Dan was all about writing the next great American novel and Gossip Girl treaded in more salacious territory. Sure, the fact connects the two characters, but I wouldn't exactly say that it makes the ending particularly logical.

Then again, Gossip Girl doesn't have to be the most logical show on the planet to be a seriously good time. The Dan reveal may not have made sense to anyone, but hey, at least it was a fun ride getting there.

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