Paris Removing All Love Locks from Famous Bridge

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Say it isn't so. Paris is ending its relationship with its famous love lock tradition.

For years, couples have come to Pont des Arts bridge, among other monuments in the city, put their names or initials on padlocks, attach it there, and usually throw the keys into the Seine River.

Now, Paris officials have decided to take all of the locks down, according to the Los Angeles Times, which reported the weight of the locks and possible danger of the bridge collapsing because of it has become too much of a risk.
Love Padlocks At 'Le Pont Des Arts' In Paris"This phenomenon generates two problems: a lasting degradation of the heritage of Paris and also a risk to the safety of visitors, Parisians and tourists," city hall said in a statement, adding that the lock takedown would begin Monday. Prior to the decision, officials tried to encourage visitors to take selfies and post their "love lock" online, rather than adding a lock to the bridge. But, that didn't deter much of anyone from doing it.

The tradition was so popular that there are about a million padlocks, weighing about 45 tons, that have to be cut down. According to Forbes, the bridge will be closed for a week while all of the locks are removed. Once it's clear, Mayor Anne Hidalgo said the rails will be replaced with "an unprecedented artistic intervention, conducted by international artists."

Transplant panels will also be permanently installed, to make sure no one starts up the tradition again.

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