This Is Why Ed Sheeran Won't Ever Date Taylor Swift

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We've all wanted Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift to date for like years now. So why haven't they?

Ed recently answered that infamous question, and was asked if they ever smashed during an interview. Not only were his responses epic, but his reactions were, too.

"I feel like we look like cast members of The Hobbit," he said to Power 105.1's The Breakfast Club about Taylor.

"She's like in the elven kingdom. She's hanging out with Galadriel and stuff, and I've got hairy feet."

When asked if they've ever taken things to the next level. He was real quick to respond,"No!"

Of course, Ed fumbled a bit when asked such a candid question. Then he went on to explain that they first met simply as professionals; and said that it's good to have female friends.

"I think it's healthy to have female friends that you don't smash," he said

Oh, and he also said that Tay isn't his type. Crazy, right? He added that she's too tall for him.

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