6 Fun Ways to Score Some Cash This Summer

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Ahh, summer. The weather is beautiful and you're no longer bogged down by long classes and perpetually piling homework assignments. You can't wait to do nothing but kick it with friends, but unfortunately, there's also one major catch to that: you also need to make money. It's a harsh reality, but it's tough to enjoy your summer days when your wallet is getting lighter with every fro yo you purchase. You need a way to make money, but that doesn't mean that a job has to also make you miserable. Here are some fun ways to earn extra cash this summer that you won't dread.

1. Sell your own creations.

Did you take a jewelry-making class during the school year and now rock plenty of your own creations? If you're a fan, you can bet other people will be too. You can use Instagram to promote your own products and even create an online shop (such as the ones you can set up on Etsy) so people from all over can place orders. Do your research to set up practical price points and compare it to some other items already on the market.

2. Put your party-planning skills to good use.

If you love kids and already have a slew of babysitting gigs lined up this summer, up your game by offering to organize birthday parties for kids. You'll get paid for your services and the parents will thank you for making those phone calls to Corny The Clown for them.
3. Become a personal assistant to a parent.

Summer can be tough on working parents whose kids are suddenly home from school for three months. If you're not exactly in love with the idea of babysitting, offer to do all of the stuff that parents can't do while they're watching the kids, like going food shopping or walking the dog. You won't be stuck inside watching episodes of Dora The Explorer but you'll still give parents the gift of free time.

4. Line up a part-time job somewhere you'd hang out at anyway.

Do you spend every summer saving up for a trip to the nearby amusement park? Why not submit an application to work there? You'll probably get free passes and your friends will love visiting you at work.

5. Make some furry friends.

Many people go on vacations in the summer and have to deal with the added expense of boarding their pet. Put their mind at ease by offering to watch their beloved animal while they're away. You'll make great money AND have a ton of cute Instagram photos of you and your new pooch pal.

6. Get online.

Do you have amazing web design skills? Are you a social media butterfly? Your online skills can be valuable to businesses and organizations looking to strengthen their web presence. Hey, you spend a ton of time online as is, right?
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