College Dilemmas Freshmen Face, Because You're Definitely NOT Alone

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There's a reason they call first year college students "freshmen" - you're completely brand-new to college life, and no matter who you were in high school, everyone has a clean, fresh slate to start with once they step onto campus. Freshmen year is one of the most exciting times in anyone's college career, but it's not without its own unique challenges. Don't let these problems get you down: SO many freshmen have to contend with these all too common dilemmas, and luckily, they all have a solution. Don't freak — you're definitely not alone.

1. You'd rather stick your hand on your (so not dorm safe) hot plate than attend another biology course. Which is too bad, because you're a bio major.

Consider this a blessing in disguise. If you hate your first semester because you simply cannot stand the courses within your major, things aren't going to get any easier. If it's too late in the semester to rearrange your schedule, stick it out as best as you can (possibly with a few extra office hour sessions to help you power through) and talk to an advisor about other subjects you're interested in. Most colleges don't need you to declare a major until at least sophomore year, so consider this a good learning experience.

2. You and your roommate don't get along — at all.

It's not easy to live in such close quarters with someone, let alone someone whose living habits might not gel with yours. If it's a matter of room noise level or cleanliness, try having a serious talk with them about your boundaries and see where each of you can compromise - it might be as simple as creating a chore wheel or shooting a text out before you bring guests over for the weekend. If that doesn't work and you fear your issues are deeper than petty disagreements, consider speaking to your RA about your issue. If things don't improve with their help, you may be able to switch rooms.

3. You and your roommate get along so well you're afraid you're not going to make any new friends.

There are always places to meet people on campus - it's one of the best parts of college! Consider attending a meeting for a club solo, or inviting the people in your class to cram before a midterm together. Assuming your roommate isn't anything like Leighton Meester's character in The Roommate, she'll understand you branching out.

4. You hooked up with someone in your dorm one time and now see them everywhere - including the showers.

Ahh, dormcest. So fun in the moment, so awkward afterwards - there's a reason why sophomores and above tend to avoid it. It's not easy, but the best course of action is to be polite to your hookup and let it go. If you don't treat it like it's a terribly awkward situation, then - poof! - it's not!

5. You've slept through pretty much all of your 8 a.m. classes. Oops.

Sure, it's not technically a freshman-exclusive problem, but freshmen seem to be pros at blowing off their early classes. It's not easy to drag yourself across campus in the wee hours of the morning, but when you consider that every class you skip is like flushing money down the toilet (credits are expensive!) you might want to make the trek. Set as many alarms as you possibly can, and consider going to bed just a liiiiittle bit earlier on the days when you know you'll have to get up early. If the damage has already been done to your average, talk to your professor about how you can improve your grade going forward. (Just don't expect too much sympathy - your professor shows up to class!)

6. You're homesick 24/7.

It might sound odd, but one of the best ways to combat homesickness is by staying at school and throwing yourself into your life away from home. If you make the trip home regularly, you'll never truly get adjusted to your new independent life - you'll always have a comfortable crutch to fall back on. Instead, try to connect with the people around you and get involved in activities you're excited about at school. If homesickness starts to feel like something more, you can always visit your school's health services and talk to a counselor.

7. Partying constantly takes precedent over studying.

You're allowed to have fun in college — just don't forget why you're actually there. If you know you're the kind of person who likes to stay out late four days a week, then don't put off your work so you can binge-watch Game Of Thrones at 3 p.m. Make yourself a list of priorities and stick to it and you'll never feel deprived of fun, or see your GPA go into the negatives.

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