5 Hair Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier

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We all know that somewhere out there, all the bobby pins we ever lost are having a party. We hope it's a really fun shindig, but the reality is that we'd like to actually keep our bobby pins and have them readily available when we need them. And that's not the only problem. We also hate the way hair ties make ugly indentation marks on our wrists when we wear them, cutting off our circulation (talk about adding insult to injury!). So what's a girl to do? We've got you covered with a few hacks that will help keep your hair game on fleek  and your bobby pins in check. 

This bracelet turns your plain hair ties into your favorite new accessory. 


After you pretend it took longer than 24 hours to chow down on that box of Tic Tacs (we do it, too; don't worry), use a little washi tape to create your own personalized bobby pin container. 


Carabiners: not just for your keys!


Another bobby pin hack: magnetic strip tape on the inside of your medicine cabinet = awesome way to keep up with the little stinkers.


There's just something about breath mint containers that seem to make great on-the-go accessory storage, and this Altoids tin is no exception. 



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