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My Story: I Never Went to High School

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Whenever I hear someone talking about how important perfect attendance and grades are, I tend to roll my eyes. I never made bad grades myself; I was pretty good in school. But I never got perfect attendance. In fact, I started missing so much, that I had to drop out of public school. I homeschooled all through middle school, and after coming down with an illness at the beginning of freshman year, went back to homeschooling through high school.

Homeschool was not a good experience for me. We didn't have the money to make it all that it could be. And more often than not, I was teaching myself (this is not to show that my parents are bad ones; they did the best they could).

By the time I was 16, I was very discouraged. I wasn't learning. I started dating a boy who'd dropped out of high school to take care of his family, and he was working on getting his GED. I never thought that was an option for me. But he started studying with me, and pretty soon, I decided that was what I would do, too. We broke up later that year, but that only made me work harder. And by the time I was 17, I passed my GED test.

School and I never got along, but I want you to know that I didn't let that stop me. I may not have been educated, but I've always been able to teach myself. I'm a lot more intelligent than you would think I'd be for someone who didn't go to high school, and I even got to walk down the aisle with high grades on my GED.

Don't get discouraged, please. If things have come up where you can't finish your schooling, don't think that you're finished all together. There are always options. And, maybe one day, you can still walk down that aisle, too.
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