Different 'Prom-A' You Can Face and How to Deal With All the Drama

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High school movies make prom seem like the biggest, most important event of a teenager's life. That's not a bad thing - after all, prom is supposed to be a celebration of all of your hard work over the last four years. Unfortunately, that can also mean that there's a lot of pressure riding on prom, which can inevitably cause some stress and drama - or, better yet, proma. Don't let proma ruin your special night: Here's how to cope with some issues you'll face while planning for the big event.

You Don't Have a Date

I never got the big deal with prom dates. If you're not already in a relationship, why bother having one at all? If you know of a few friends who are in the same boat, why not be one another's "prom dates" and go as a group? Ultimately going to prom solo means you can do whatever you want without having to worry about your date's whereabouts or how they want to spend the night. There's no way you'll be the only solo person at the prom, and honestly, no one will care (or even notice!) if you don't have arm candy.

You Were Asked to Prom by Someone You Don't Want to Go With

This is going to be awkward no matter what, but you don't have to make someone feel bad just because you're not feeling their date idea. Simply tell your potential suitor that you already made prom plans with some friends and are working out the details, so you can't commit to a date. If you two are friends, you can offer to include him in your group with the person he does end up going with.

Your After-Prom Plans Are Getting Crazy Expensive

You were excited about hanging out in a hotel with your friends after the prom, but you're so not excited about spending half of your savings on one night. If you simply can't afford to do an entire post-prom plan, think about what you can do. Are you able to spend the day after prom with your friends, if not the whole weekend? If that doesn't work, you might be able to find another group that's doing something more low-key - or skip after prom all together in favor of a midsummer trip instead.

Your Dress Isn't as Original as You Thought It Was

You already purchased your dress, only to find out that the girl in your calculus class is going to be rocking the same one. There are only so many prom dresses out there a if you go to a big school, you're bound to run into someone in the same gown. If anything, it just means that you two have amazing taste a offer to take a picture of your matching outfits to smooth over any potential awkwardness.

Your Relationship Falls Apart Around Prom Time

Maybe you committed to going to prom together months ago, but now you and your then-BF aren't one another's baes. If things are still cordial, talk to them about what that might mean for you two - do you still want to go together, or would you both be more comfortable finding other dates? Avoid the awkwardness in advance by talking things out.

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