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Sophomore and Pregnant: What You May Not Know

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Julia* is a sophomore at my school. Nobody really knew or cared about who she was except her friends until my geometry teacher started telling all her classes that a girl was pregnant in my grade. Automatically, everyone assumed it was this one girl who was dating a senior. It was not. Rumors got around fast, but Julia was even faster at squashing them.

It wasn't that hard to hide that Julia was pregnant for awhile. Soon, she started developing a belly, and that's when word got around. I do not personally know her, but I have heard that people are bullying her. One of my lunch friends has called her "a slut." For all my friend knew, Julia could have been raped. Luckily, she had not.

Julia and I are in the same gym class, so when I first found out, I always stared at her stomach. I would think awful things:

"I can't believe she is so low to do something like that."

"Is she that stupid to not use protection?"

And worse: "I can't believe she has friends anymore."

That last one was was a lie. If my best friend got pregnant, I'd be right by her side the entire nine months.

My thoughts started to change the day I went to change in the bathroom for P.E. and saw her friends feeling her belly, and she was smiling. Most of the day, she looks miserable; I can imagine why But at that moment, she looked content and happy. Julia's friends had been there for her through everything. I never thought badly of her again.

Julia has yet to have her baby but is slowly growing a stomach. And yes, it will make life harder for her especially starting junior year, but this is her decision to keep the baby and she is happy. I am happy for her as well!

Just because a teenager is pregnant that doesn't mean that she is a slut or a whore or goes around hooking up with every guy. There may be more of a story. Don't ever just assume.

*Name has been been changed to protect her privacy.
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