6 Beauty Tips to Snap Your Best Summer Selfie

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If you want to get the perfect selfie à la Kim Kardashian West, it's going to take a lot of hard work and practice. There will be ups and downs, highs and lows, but eventually you will achieve a selfie worth posting for the world (or your more than 300 Instagram followers) to see.

Like every sport, there are tricks to becoming a champion. Want to be queen of the selfie game? We've got some skin and beauty tips that will have you well on your way. Follow these beauty must-dos to achieve your best summer selfie yet.

Cream vs. Powder

Braids, Flowers 🌸 and Sun☀️ My #SummerStartsNow! #HMSummer @HM

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If you want that perfect #nofilter selfie, you skip the powder eye shadow and blush and opt for the cream versions. Why? Because powder can leave unfriendly lines and magnify creases that any front facing camera is bound to pick up. Stick to cream products to create that seamless and #flawless look you're going for.

Highlight for Low-light

While proper lighting is always crucial to keep your selfie game at 100, there are times when you're compelled to take a selfie even though lighting conditions aren't ideal. To combat a dark environment, apply highlighter to your cheeks, chin, nose and forehead to achieve that summer glow when it's dark.

Filters For Your Skin Tone

she chose the filter @mdollas11

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The key to every selfie is picking the right filter. Rule of thumb: Know the filter for your skin tone. If you're like us, you play around with all of Instagram's many filters before selecting the one that works best for you. There is a guide, however, to choosing the best filter for your skin. Instagram's Valencia and Rise work well with darker skin tones while Nashville works wonders with lighter skin.

More Wind Please

Beyonce "The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour" - UncasvilleThe weather is quickly heating up, which means you need to avoid sweaty skin and runny makeup. Try sitting in front of a low level fan. Not only will it help keep the sweat beads from forming on your forehead (gross), it will also give you the Beyonce-hair-blowing-in-the-wind look you've been dying to achieve.

Focus On Your Eyes

front camera round 2

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Don't be afraid to grab your mascara and/or eyelash curler right before snapping your selfie. In most selfies, eyes are the focal point, unless of course you're serving duck face (which we wouldn't suggest). For an eye-popping and sultry pic like Kylie Jenner's, make sure your eyelashes are curled to capacity. Try Make Up Forever's Smoky Extravagant Mascara.

Shine Where It Counts

I 💗 @jacquieaiche 🌴🌞🌊

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A shimmering and overly glittery face in a selfie can be a bit much, especially if you have naturally oily skin. On the flipside, a shimmering neck and collarbone can add a wonderful sheen and truly accentuate your skin. To achieve this, lightly dust a shimmering powder on your collarbone and neck area.


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