Noelle Bean Says Her Single 'Wildfire' is 'Something You Can't Contain'

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Allow us to introduce our friend, Bean!

Noelle Bean, AKA just Bean, is a 23-year-old singer-songwriter who - in her words - was "born in Dallas, lived there for a day, ended up in Nashville for 14 years and then back to Dallas for 8 years." The free-spirited singer took some time with us to chat all about her single "Wildfire" and how she really got the stage name Bean.

C: What kind of music did you listen to when you were growing up?
NB: "Growing up my parents were pastors so I wasn't necessarily allowed to listen to secular 'music,' but what I was allowed to listen to was some of my mom's favorite oldies, which included Sonny & Cher, The Beatles and stuff like that. Without even realizing it, it spoke to me."

C: We know Bean is your last name, but is there another reason why it's your stage name?
NB: "The first guy who dubbed me as Bean straight up was my first ever musical influence, Mr D. He was my music teacher in high school. I walked into his classroom thinking it was my science class on my first day of school in Dallas and I had my science books in my arms and everything. I walk in and everybody has guitars, drums, microphones. I turned around and he's like 'Are you the new girl?' And I was like 'Yes.' He said 'Bean, right? Bean, I heard you can sing so grab a mic.' He gave me the name and the courage to go after something I didn't even realize I loved at the time."

C: Just from listening to "Wildfire" we'd say your music is sort of indie-pop-alternative. What can you share about your single?
NB: "I wrote it 100% about my personality. The meaning behind all of it, wildfire - it's something that you can't contain, it happens sporadically and that's kind of like my personality. I'm completely ADD, all over the place. One day I'm wearing a flower crown and flowy Free People dress and the next I'm wearing black leather and rock and roll. It's my personality in a nut shell of how much of a wanderer and vagabond I am."
C: Would people be surprised by your personal music taste?
NB: "I listen to a lot of indie alternative stuff. Anything from Foster the People to OK Go. I think it's because I grew up with 3 older brothers that influenced me too. Like Red Hot Chili Peppers, AC/DC, Foo Fighters, more dude bands."

C: Do you play and instruments and which instrument would you like to master if you could?
NB: "I play guitar and ukulele. I'd love to play the drums! But my timing is so bad."

C: Who would you like to write with?
NB: "I love Ed Sheeran, Chris Martin from Coldplay and obviously The Beatles. And Carly Simon."

C: Since "Wildfire" is a single, does that mean we can be expecting a debut album soon?
NB: "We don't have anything set yet, but I'm working on writing the rest of the EP to release probably sometime this mid-summer or fall. With the whole Wildfire thing being my personality is really random and stuff, I'm sure there's going to be plenty of surprises."

C: Cambio is a site that is for girls and #BUILTBYGIRLS. How does the #BUILTBYGIRLS movement relate to you?
NB: "First off, I think #BUILTBYGIRLS is awesome! It's empowering for young girls and women all over the place to really be creators. Sometimes you might get judged or whatever - with me on my YouTube channel you have people commenting like 'This is good. You suck. Your hair is ugly.' No matter what, it gives you a chance to be you and not worry about the opinions of others. It gives you the 'You can do it!' spirit."

Check out Wildfire's official lyric video here.


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