Promposal Fail Video: His Public Rejection Is Heartbreaking

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We've seen some pretty clever and adorable promposal videos recently – but what about the ones that don't go quite as expected?

In this hella awkward promposal video, a guy asks his crush to prom at a school sporting event. What could possibly go wrong with such a huge gesture?

Unfortunately, she said no. She actually already had a date to the prom. The guy's defeated expression as he walks away is absolutely heartbreaking though.

He asks: "Is there any way you would want to come to prom with me?" She declines, saying, "I already have a date...I'm sorry."

@Eric_Tis posted the video on Twitter, writing: "@PatriickSmiith‪ getting rejected by @jen_malespina to prom in front of 2000 people." Ouch.

There may be a lesson to be learned here – don't ask for a prom date publicly unless you know for sure that she's going to say yes.

There is good news though - Patrick spoke with the Mirror Online and confirmed he did get a date to prom. He explained: "Lilli [his prom date] doesn't mind much. Well actually, she thinks it's hysterical. She said she didn't quite know what to say when she saw the video, and felt awful for me."

Update: It was all a hoax, as Patrick told Pix11 how the promposal came to be: "Five minutes beforehand, me... and the girl Jen got together and were like, 'Okay, let's see if we can trick the entire meet into thinking this is actually a legit promposal and that I'm going to get denied by you,' and she was like, 'Okay.'"
Epic 'Promposal' Fail Turns Out To Be A Hoax
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