This Starbucks Interview Parody Is for All of Us Who Have Had Our Names Botched

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This parody is for pretty much anyone with a name who has ever visited Starbucks, which includes - well, all of us.

Now, some of us have more difficult names and we sort of see it coming, at least we predict certain misspellings, although we're sometimes we're still surprised by a random "y" or other out of place letter that has no business being on our Starbucks cup. Even if you don't have a particularly difficult name, like "Ty" for example, you could still end up with a cup that says "Tie."

Ironically, the barista can absolutely mutilate your name, but if you go in and ask for a "medium" or "large" drink, you get 'the look.' You know the look if you've ever gotten it. They kinda look over at the little cup size display and give you one of these:

Anyway, they spell our names wrong and we have a good sense of humor about it. So does BuzzFeed, obviously, because they created this hilarious Starbucks interview parody that we kinda think should be implemented in real life.
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