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7 Times '90s Music Videos Gave Us All the Feels

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Suddenly feeling the need to relive some of the greatest music video moments from the '90s? Us too.

1. That time Hanson made us realize that long hair + high-pitched vocals + brotherhood (pre-Jonas Brothers "Year 3000") could actually = magic...and mmmboy did it!

Seriously, who can get enough of that hair? Plus, we guarantee that this song will have you "bebopping" under your breath all day after listening to it just once. It's that good.

2. That time Christina Aguilera taught every boy in the world exactly "What a Girl Wants"

Before she was a judge on The Voice, this woman was every teenage boy's dream and every teenage girl's idol...and for good reason. When you and your girls can put together an impromptu concert at the drop of hat for your boyfriends to say, "Thanks for caring about me," you're doing OK.

3. When TLC basically told us to give up on our dreams...but they did it with so much swag (and in about 3 inches of water

4.That time The Backstreet Boys made running into them at a random airport an actual attainable dream

All-white suits. Private jet planes. Extreme dance choreography in the middle of a local airport starring all of the boys (including the adorable Nick Carter). Yes, PLEASE.

5. That time Eminem paved the way for white rappers everywhere — just by saying his name

Who even knew who Eminem was before this? It doesn't matter. This man came out of nowhere with his amazing sarcastic lyrics and biting humor, making believers out of all of us.

6. That time Britney Spears taught everyone that aliens wore bright red spandex and that breaking someone's heart for fun could actually be...well fun

Probably not the most far-fetched music video to ever grace the Internet, but "Oops...I Did It Again" sure was close. Still, it was Britney (queen of the '90s). The girl could rock a spandex outfit, and (let's face it), we loved every minute of it.

7. That time N'Sync's dance moves (or, let's be real, Justin Timberlake's hair) made us actually squeal out loud

While outer space seemed to be a running theme in most '90s videos, this N'Sync hit made us feel like we were experiencing it all for the first time. Those dance moves. That hair. The neon colored T-shirts and jackets. Let's just say there's a reason this video has more 14 million hits even today.
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