How Would Topshop Designers Kendall and Kylie Jenner Style Their Sisters?

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If Kendall and Kylie Jenner are dishing out fashion advice, we're listening!

These tips aren't directly for any of us specifically, but since we all have a Kardashian/Jenner spirit animal, you can take what they said about your respective style sister and apply it to yourself.

During their Glamour photoshoot, the mag did us all a solid and asked them some questions about their personal style AND how they would style each of their sisters.

If you're more of a Kendall or a Kylie in the style department and haven't gotten enough inspiration from either of their Instagram pages, they each summed up their style in very simple terms. "I'm more casual," Kendall told them, adding that "Kylie makes sure everything is perfect." Concurring, Kylie also added that she is dressier than Kendall, saying, "I'll go to lunch in heels and a dress."
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And what about their already super-stylish sisters? How would the Topshop designers dress them? Kendall has it all figured out. "The black pants for Kim, but she'd have to style the rest. She's too diffi—" she cut herself off. "She can figure her own thing out!"

As for Khloe and Kourt? "The jumpsuit looks good on tall girls, so I'd put Khloe in that," Kenny added. "And Kourtney would look cute in the short romper."

Of course, for Kendall and Kylie, fashion takes a backseat when they're hanging out with niece North West! For that, Kendall would rock the black jumper while Kylie would wear a crew neck shirt, with no accessories because "North can get a bit wild." Yep, toddlers think all accessories are handles, so it's smart to watch what you wear around them!
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