Ariana Grande's Dogs 'Almost Murdered'? Singer Nearly Arrested

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We all know how much Ariana Grande's dogs mean to her – so, bottom line, don't mess with her pooches or she'll fight you.

During a recent leg of her Honeymoon Tour, Ariana's pets landed in some trouble when taking a ferry to Dover, England after her Amsterdam performances. Ari's mom, Joan, explained all the details on Twitter and it sounded like a crazy ordeal.

In order to make the trip, Ariana's dogs Toulouse and Sirius had to have proper documentation, which her mom explained she presented to the powers that be to "prove that their vaccinations were all in order."

She continued, "We were, however, immediately stopped by the Boothman telling me that dogs are not allowed to transfer onto the Ferry in a bus. In shock, I explained that I am sure that is the policy, but the policy could not be referring to a private bus, that I have been living on and driving in for three weeks, but meant a public transport bus...He responded in a dismissive and condescending manner, ' don't care, it says bus and this is a bus', trying not to panic, I explained again, that there is no one from the general public on the bus and it is private transportation...but nevertheless, he refused us access."

Her mother claimed the ferry authority threatened the dogs would be killed if they were taken to Dover. Ariana and her brother Frankie came to help, as Joan explained: "Ariana and Frankie now heard what was going on outside of their bus.. when Ariana heard what they said about Killing the Dogs, she almost got herself arrested."

Frankie worked with the authorities and police and they were able to travel with the dogs, thankfully.

Ariana later tweeted: "this was unacceptable. @poferries pls have your employees treat people /animals w respect. kindness goes a long way."

A spokesperson for P&O Ferries explained they were just following their rules, saying: "We completely understand and sympathise with Ms. Grande's frustration, given her attempts to do the right thing. However, the documents she presented were not valid to bring her pets into the U.K... We had to advise that a local vet should be visited to put everything in order... We carry in the region of 40,000 pets a year between Calais and Dover as a matter of routine. However, from time to time we have to decline to carry pets due to irregularities with the documentation stipulated by DEFRA (Britain's Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs)."
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