Ed Sheeran's Friends Didn't Like His Ex-Girlfriend Athina Andrelos?

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You know what they say...you HAVE to get in with the friends if you want your relationship to work. So maybe that's why Ed Sheeran and Athina Andrelos broke up?

The talk going around is that Ed's pals weren't fans of Athina. So because of that, he's looking for a non-famous boo this time around.

According to Kingston Region, Ed admitted to some pals that he doesn't want to be in a relationship with anyone famous. His friend said, "Ed doesn't want a famous girlfriend, he just wants someone down to earth and normal to share his life with."

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly Ed shared, "I think the thing that's impossible to do is date someone that isn't aware that I make music. So whether they're a fan or not, that changes people's perceptions of you. I don't really date people in my sphere."

Kingston Region also shared that the reason Ed's friends are so willing to help is because, "they weren't fans of Athina."

"Ed's mates weren't too keen on Athina and weren't disappointed when they split after the BRIT Awards," the source added.

"It's very unlikely they'll be getting back together. His friends want to set him up with a new girl and have their eye on a few people they've mentioned to him but he's very picky for obvious reasons."

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