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9 Gif-Worthy Reasons Why I Love My Feline on Hug Your Cat Day

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My parents bought me a cat when I was 3 years old. I named her Maxine (Max), and she is incredibly fat and comfy. I got my second cat two years later. I call him Bob, but his real name is Lord Robert Maurice Marvin Eugene III. Don't judge. I was 5, and honestly the name "Bob" just wasn't cutting it. Bob is a long-haired ragamuffin who is the sweetest thing and truly my best friend. Today is Hug Your Cat Day, so I thought I'd share nine reasons why I love my furry friend.

Reason 1

Whenever I am sad, Bob somehow finds me and lies on my head until I stop crying. Bob will wander into my room and look completely unfazed by tears until he jumps up and refuses to leave me alone until I've assured him that I'm going to be OK. That is honestly unconditional love, and yes, from a cat.

Reason 2

He makes me laugh. Bob is the most moronic cat ever, he will let you do just about anything with him, and he'll continue to purr away. When I was little, I would put him in backpacks and sneak him to school, dress him in my babydoll clothes, and even give him baths. The entire time, he'd just lick me and let me pet him.
cat in a santa claus costume

Reason 3

He likes to Netflix binge with me! What cat do you know does this? We will sit on my bed for hours at a time watching back-to-back Orange is the New Black or Grey's Anatomy seasons. I thought he was just cuddling with me until one time, I turned off the TV to give him attention, and he got up, walked over to the TV and batted his paws at it until I turned it back on.
cat football TV

Reason 4:

He has no hunting skills whatsoever but that doesn't stop him from trying. I've had him since he was 6 weeks old. He is declawed and still tries to sharpen them on his emery board. I have a window view right into my backyard, and every now and then, I see him stalking this squirrel who is ultimately mocking him. It's the cutest thing, and I don't have to deal with dead animal presents because the poor thing makes a horrible carnivore.
cat stalking dog gif

Reason 5:

Bob drinks out of the toilet. This seriously makes me laugh every time. I live with just my mom, so we don't have that problem of pee spatter on the toilet seat, or so we thought. My lovely kitty is quite self-sufficient, and I think he may have a touch of canine genetics!
cat uses toilet gif

Reason 6:

He's the best cuddler ever. I've cuddled with boys — don't get me wrong — but nothing beats me and Bob on the couch watching Netflix. He loves to sleep in my sweatshirts when I'm wearing them. We will walk around like this, too.
cat shirt gif

Reason 7:

He plays with my dogs. I have two chihuahua/wiener dog mixes, and instead of shoving them off like a normal cat, Bob plays just as hard. It's one of the funniest things I've ever seen!
cat plays with dog gif

Reason 8:

Bob doesn't chase a laser, but he'll chase my Wii remote on the screen. During one hilarious Netflix day, I found out that the little hand that comes up when you point the Wii remote on the screen is his weakness.
cat chase laser pointer gif

Reason 9:

Bob is my best friend. We almost lost him two years ago when he had blockage and overdosed in potassium. Even when he was in enough pain that would make any human being lash out, Bob continued to lick me and purr when he could. He is the sweetest kitty ever, and I love him with my entire heart. I'm leaving for college in August, which means I won't get to have our Netflix weekends or hunting rituals, and I am very upset about it.
cat cuddles stuffed animal gif

Cat's aren't all bad. Just like the pit bull and Rottweiler, they're stereotyped. Yes, some cats are mean and antisocial, but just because you met one of those instead of cat like mine doesn't mean you should dislike them. I know people who try to hit cats on the road because they don't like them and think they are all the same. Kitties are great pets, and I wouldn't trade mine for any amount of money or posh things, so please hug your cat today.
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