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13 Reasons Why You Need to Watch the 'Pretty Little Liars' Premiere

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ABC Family premiered season six of Pretty Little Liars Tuesday, and let me just say, "OH MY GOD!" What just happened?! I was so shocked, I had to watch it twice to digest what happened, which is why I created this list. Don't worry; there are no spoilers. This is a list of why you NEED to watch the season six premiere if you haven't already.

1. We need answers.

I Want the Truth Gif

2. Who the hell is Charles???

Pretty Little Liars Charles

3. Do the girls actually escape the dollhouse, or does A keep them locked up?

Addams Family

4. We can't wait to see Aria's pink streaks back and all the girls' transformations!

PLL gasp gif

5. Will there be an Spoby moments?

Spoby gif

6. Same for Haleb?

Haleb gif

7. Same for Ezria?

Ezaria Gif

8. Will Alison escape jail or be set free (legally speaking)?

PLL Alison Jail Gif

9. Where the hell are the parents in all of this drama?!

Parent PLL

10. Is Tanner really on the girls' side?

Pretty Little Liars, Tanner

11. Is Andrew really A? Seems too easy for us.

Pretty Little Liars Andrew

12. Will any of the loose ends be tied up? Cough. Sarah Harvey. Cough.

Sarah Harvey PLL

13. How will the girls cope going forward?

Mindy gif

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