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Why I Don't Regret Ditching My Senior Prom

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Back in 2011, when I was about to finish my senior year, I faced one of the moments that every high school student dreams of: being asked to prom. The dress, the makeup, the hairdo and the black pumps that I had bought a few weeks ago would finally make their first appearance to the world.

The catch was that I wasn't invited to the dance at my high school has never hosted a prom. Instead, I was invited by my crush, for his prom, at another school. For many of you and for my 18-year-old self, this was a dream! I mean, what girl doesn't want her crush to notice her weeks before prom and ask her to the dance with a large bouquet of flowers? Well, you are looking at that girl.

It happened that my crush (who became my boyfriend weeks later) was in a relationship at that time.
I didn't feel comfortable dumping my boyfriend-to-be after he had just bought me a bouquet of red roses and a prom ticket (not to mention, he was the sweetest when asked me), but I didn't feel right going to a fancy dinner party with him, while his girlfriend would be at home. It just wasn't fair to her. I had to say no.

In the end, I decided to go to the after party. His girlfriend told him that she would skip it, so we decided go together. We ended up talking about our feelings and life plans most of the night. We made out a good bit, too! It ended up pretty well if you ask me.

But it also taught me a very valuable lesson: Sometimes we have to skip our dreams in order to feel comfortable with ourselves. I don't regret declining his prom proposal. It would have been once-in-a-lifetime experience, but I wouldn't have felt good about it. Life is not made of long dresses and black stilettos: It's made of opportunities — opportunities that we can grab or ditch, as long as we feel good with ourselves.
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