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You Won't Believe Who My Sister's Boyfriend Asked Out First

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I've never had a weird date. I've had nice dates at a botanical garden, Bass Pro Shop and Panera with a snuggle shesh on the couch. But one time, my sister (she's on the right in the pic) agreed to go on a date with a boy she knew asked me first, and I found that to be pretty weird.

My sister knew this boy from high school. His sister happens to be a member of our church, and he tagged along with her one Sunday. After the service was over, I picked up my niece from the nursery, then went back to the sanctuary to wait on my mom. This boy came up and started talking to me, but since I was distracted with my niece, I could only really give him short answers: "yes," "no," "uh-huh," *fake giggle*.

He went back over to my sister, and talked to her for a while. I heard her say, "Go ahead! Take the chance." He took the chance. He came over and asked me on a date. I was so baffled that this boy I'd hardly talked to was asking me out. As far as I knew, he didn't even know my name! Instead of giving a straight-up answer, I replied, "I'm sorry, but I don't know you."

He stuttered something about how he understood, and he wouldn't want someone he doesn't know asking him out, either. My sister kind of gave me a hard time about it, but I brushed that off.

When she came home the next day from school, she was all excited about how he asked her out. And she said yes!

I felt pretty used.

But, alas, they were cute. They hit it off and stayed together for a few months. This remains my weirdest date to, er, date.

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