Zayn Malik's Rumored Thailand Hookup Explains Pic of Her and Zayn

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Remember that pic of Zayn Malik with his arm around a woman (not Perrie Edwards) in Thailand that preceded his decision to ultimately quit One Direction? The woman in the photo, Lauren Richardson, is finally telling all. And it turns out, according to her anyway, there wasn't much to it.

Since Lauren will be appearing on ITV2's reality show Love Island, she's been getting a bit of press lately, and since she's most well-known for possibly hooking up with Zayn, of course, everyone wants to know the story now that she's talking.

She recently explained that it's a "long story" that "got blown out of proportion," claiming there was a lot of buzz over an "innocent picture."

Lauren told Digital Spy: "The picture was just a picture. I'd gone into the nightclub where he was, not knowing that he was in there. I'd gone in there because I think it was a free bar for three hours - that's the reason I was there!"

She continued, "They were in the VIP area, so I managed to get in there. I don't know how I got into the VIP area because I looked like an absolute tramp - £3 pair of shorts from Dagenham market, hair scrunched up in a bun, no make up on. I asked for a picture, had the picture and then I posted it and it went absolutely mental."

Lauren assures, "There's no juicy story behind it which I think everyone was dying to hear - it's just a picture."

She further explained that him leaving 1D had "nothing to do with me," noting there was "nothing there" between them.

In an interview with HeatWorld, Lauren explained that she didn't even talk to Zayn at the club, and that pic of them holding hands? She explained: "With that picture, it's been blown out of proportion. In Phuket, there are so many people trying to get you in their bar and I hate being touched. I had a little moment. All he did was [demonstrates touching arm] say, 'are you ok?' That was it. We weren't holding hands running down Phuket Road going, 'look at us two! We're so in love!' It wasn't that. It was literally just, 'are you ok?' and someone took a picture of it."

So...there you have it. Do you think there's more to the story than she's letting on?

Partying with Zayn from One Direction last night 😍 #thailand #1D #best #night #patong #phuket xx

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