7 Stores That Will Let You Sample for FREE With No Side Eye

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Now that summer is gracing us with its sunshine, free time and endless possibilities, we have to take a moment to appreciate one of its most promising journeys: the mall. Whether you live in a small town or big city, there's just something to be said about a good trip to the mall. You can try on Christian Dior dresses, buy an iPhone and eat cheese fries all in one building. That's magical, y'all. But what's even better? All the free samples you can snag at the stores. 

That's right. Free samples aren't just for the food court anymore (though, those are really fun, too). Here's how you can look (and smell!) amazing without taking your wallet out of your purse. Dream scenario! 

Sephora is the gold standard for free samples. Here, you can ask for a sample of that shampoo you've been wanting to try, spritz on that new Marc Jacobs perfume or snag a sample of that expensive face mask you've been reading about without fear of side eye. Sephora sales folks know that you're only in there for the freebies, and they don't care.


Want crazy-soft, supple hands in a matter of minutes? Sabon caters to specific skin types, and their sales people are always willing to help you try out a variety of smell-good, all-natural skincare products.


Lush employees may not give you a free bath bomb, but you can definitely try samples of their out-of-this-world-smell-so-good lotions, lip scrubs and perfumes.


Want a personal stylist to curate your OOTD? Book an appointment with Nordstrom; they offer complimentary style appointments to help you achieve your best look — even if it's just for research. 


If you've always wondered what a $100 face cream feels like (pretty darn good, we gotta say), walk into L'Occitane. They also have amazing hand creams and some seriously amazing floral perfumes to try out, if that's your bag.


Bath & Body Works' slogan should be "scent heaven." Seriously. Nothing is more fun than spending an hour trying to decide if you want to try on the Tahiti Island Dream lotion or a classic White Citrus. And salespeople let you wash your hands with their soaps, repeatedly, with no judgment. 


Like Sephora, Ulta is a one-stop-shop where you can browse and try on an almost endless amount of beauty products. Not only will staff members not throw shade your way, but they'll help you figure out the best shade for your complexion!



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