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My Message to Millennials: Get Tatted Up

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I LOVE the concept of getting to express my artistic ways and who I am on my own body — key emphasis on my own. Why do so many adults look at tattoos so harshly?

Yes, tattoos are permanent, and you might regret a couple of them. But do you regret other things in your life? Probably. And yet, people tell you to make mistakes and learn while you're young, so why not let us express ourselves?

Yeah, I am an 18-year-old free spirit who doesn't get her parents — or why they've said that if I get another tattoo, they will hold my college funding. My generation is already so covered in ink that if employers base their picks off of that, they won't be finding any new hires any time soon. Millennials are changing the norms of life. Soon, if we keep the self-expression going, then we can choose to look or think however we want.

I have one tattoo on my wrist; it's a doodle sun and beneath it says "Rester Heureux," meaning "Stay happy." It reminds me that even on the darkest of days, I can still have sunshine and spread it to others. How wrong is that?

Don't get me wrong: I will never understand the people who want to withstand the pain of a forehead tattoo. But at the same time, who am I to judge? Self-expression is becoming a more dominant part of life's standards, and that's pretty damn great. No more hiding to make others happy, no more pretending to be who you're not — just being you, which attracts people who know you and like you.

I say, get tatted up. Live your life, make bad decisions and regret them — as long as you learn from them. I do have a small ounce of advice: Think about what tattoo you want and make sure it really represents a piece of your soul. It makes a great conversation starter, and it allows you to show others a little bit of what your mind looks like.
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