Sleeping With Sirens' Kellin Quinn Talks 'Madness'

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We had nothing but good vibes from Kellin Quinn.

The 29-year-old Oregon native, who loved singing at the top of his lungs on playgrounds at the age of 4, is now living out his dream with his band Sleeping With Sirens as they hit the road for their fourth studio album, Madness.

C: You have such a unique voice! Have you always wanted to be the frontman in a band?
KQ: "Good question. I didn't get into the whole 'Oh I want to be in a band' thing until my sophomore year in high school. I was new to this school, had no friends and ended up meeting a couple dudes who were into skateboarding. And they got me into bands like The Starting Line and Finch."

C: Did you have plans to pursue anything else? Or did you know this was it?
KQ: "I've had a lot of odd end jobs. I didn't go to college or get a degree. I graduated high school and was a hairstylist for a little bit. There's nothing like writing songs and performing though."

C: Let's talk Madness! How much of it did you write?
KQ: "I probably am the main writer. I'd say that Jack and Nick, our two guitar players, have a lot of influence on structure. Ninety-five percent of everything else was me and John Feldmann. We were pretty much neck-and-neck for the writing process."C: Your single "The Strays" is a home run with the fans. What is your favorite off the album?
KQ: "I think the actual title track is probably one of my favorites. The meaning behind it is very personal and also it sounds like a Beatles song or something. It's very unique for us. I'm really proud of that one. I'd say 'Better Off Dead' is a very cool song to me. I think a lot of our fans can relate to the idea of being bummed out and feeling like they're alone. That song resonates with a lot of people. Obviously 'The Strays' is close up there, I love the message behind it."

C: And what is that message?
KQ: "Just don't be so stuck in the right now. I've gone through high school and I know that when you're there - that's your life and that's everything. But there is so much life after that. It's important to understand and realize that. Think about what your future holds for you. I think that you're very dramatic about everything when you're that age. It's wise to know there are a lot more days and better days."

Now those are some wise words!

Check out Sleeping With Sirens' music video for "The Strays" here.

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