11 Types of Guys You Meet at Every College Party

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College of course takes a lot out of you with all of the studying and the midterms and the pop quizzes. Everyone deserves a break. On every campus in America, sometimes even every day, students are raising their red Solo cups and blowing off steam. While no school is the same and each party differs, these 11 guys seem to appear at every party. Work hard, play hard right?

1. The Host with the Most:Where you'll find him: Running around the party, saying hi to everybody, and making sure that the important stuff doesn't get broken.
Distinctive traits: He's super excited to see you but has to run off to tend to everyone else at the party. He's gracious enough to have all of these people over, so treat him and his place with respect.

2. Mister Hipster:Where you'll find him: At the bar, desperately searching for a PBR.

Distinctive Traits: He's so above college parties and "hates" being there. He'll make sure to mention that he was dragged to the party to anyone that will listen and generally scoffs at any and everyone's music taste.

3. The Complainer:Where you'll find him: Usually in a quite corner talking to a few friends.
Distinctive traits: He's usually rocking a grimace and loudly commenting on how "lame" the party is and how his parties are way better.

4. The Stoner:Where you'll find him: You don't want to.
Distinctive traits: He's usually tucked away in a room with smoke billowing out from under the door or laughing loudly about something that is probably not even remotely funny.

5. The Rich Dude:Where you'll find him: Center stage, wherever in the party that may be. He's usually sitting with his back against the wall so that he has a full view of the party and that the party has a full view of him.
Distinctive traits: He's rude, obnoxious, and usually commenting on how anything and everyone is somehow beneath him. His outfits are usually just as loud as he is, so he's pretty hard to miss.

6. The Flirt:Where you'll find him: He's always surrounded by a bevy of girls throughout the entire course of the party. You'll notice him immediately because he's, well, gorgeous.
Distinctive traits: His hair is perfect, his smile is perfect, and he always knows what to say. He's also perfectly mastered the flirty wink.

7. The Frat Star:Where you'll find him: You don't have to find him, he'll be yelling loud enough for you to know where he is at all times.
Distinctive traits: He's always wearing his letters and talking about how "epic" just about everything is. Especially how "epic" he is.

8. The Dancer:Where you'll find him: On the dance floor. Duh!
Distinctive traits: He's having more fun that anyone else. He didn't just come to the party, he is the party. He's confident, fun, and has no problem showing off his moves. Put on your dancing shoes and join him!

9. The Creeper:Where you'll find him: You won't. He'll find you.
Distinctive traits: You'll likely notice him as he bounces from girl to girl, using the same cheesy line and getting the same annoyed reaction. This, for some odd reason, does not deter him. Keep close to your girlfriends to fend him off for good!

10. "That Guy":Where you'll find him: At the bar...or in the bathroom.
Distinctive traits: He's usually stumbling around the party, usually trying to convince people that he's "totally ok," while intermittently taking shots and dry heaving.

11. The Good Guy:Where you'll find him: There's plenty of them! They're usually sporadically placed throughout the party with genuine smiles on their faces, clearly enjoying spending time with their friends and getting to know new people.
Distinctive traits: He'll greet you with a smile and make actual eye contact. He'll ask you questions about your interests and will genuinely want to know your responses. He's the first guy to approach you if you look upset and will be the gentleman that walks you home or to your car safely with no creepy expectations.


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