Ariana Grande on What Happened at Niall Horan's House, Pregnancy Rumors

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Given Ariana Grande's amazing rant on the double standards that exist for women, we're pretty sure she's not going to be too interested in answering questions about dating rumors anymore. She did, however, dish a bit on what went down when she was seen leaving Niall Horan's house at 3 a.m. after a night of partying.

Ariana responded to rumors about Nialler at Capital FM's Summertime Ball over the weekend, telling Mirror Celeb: "Well, that's just society. 'She must be pregnant, she must be expecting twins!'," she joked, adding, "But he's really nice."

Ariana continued, "I'm honestly so tired of talking about dating and my love life and everything. I'm kinda doing my thing right now. People don't ask the men. It's like, 'Is that the only thing we have to talk about? Is that the only thing women are relevant for is their relationship with men?' No."

Ariana added, "We're absolutely perfectly fine on our own and we can talk about our music, our work, our kick-ass tours around the world. Why don't we talk about that as opposed to who we're currently flirting with?"

Good points, bae.

She did reveal a bit of what went on with the One Direction star, saying, "My friend Fredo is really close with Niall and he came to my show in London, I met him there, he was super nice. We then all went over [to Niall's] for a game night, it was really fun."

Game night, not a wild party. No flirting, they aren't dating. Did Ariana shut down the rumor mill with her recent rant? We're guessing that's a big, fat no, but we LOVE her message.
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