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Miles Apart, Two BFFs Celebrate National Best Friend Day

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I don't know what I would do without my best friend. We've been through so much together, and we do everything for each other, even though we're hundreds of miles apart. We're both writers, and sometimes, we write the same things. I wrote a novel called Mave & Marti back in 2013, and my best friend wrote an introduction of the characters for me, so, for National Best Friends Day, I've decided to change up the character introductions so that they reflect my bestie and me. I hope you enjoy reading them!

Your name is Molly Hall. And you really hate college right now. Finals are coming up, and you've lost track of the number of innocent pencils you've snapped in half as your frustration increases. Your friends just want you to stop studying and take a break, but "Finals are not going to pass themselves, guys." You cut your eyes at them, but it doesn't seem to stop their pleas.

"Just one episode," one of the guys begs.

Your guy friends have been obsessed with the same anime show for as long as you can remember. Of course, you don't understand, or even know anything about it. But it makes them happy and that makes you happy, so you watch it anyway. You're about to decline, but the protruding lower lip of your guy friend makes you sigh and nod, "One episode."

He's grinning like he won the lottery, and pulling you out of your chair and into his arms. You laugh as he hugs you tight and gently drops you on the couch. He's running into the kitchen to get your favorite snack. You roll your eyes, but still smile, as he hands it you.

This is your life. Cramming for classes you could recite the textbook to, and watching cheesy animes with cute boys while eating Cheez-Its. This is who you are.

Your name is Aimeeann, and you really love writing right now. You shimmy your pencil between the two blue lines on the wide ruled paper, bobbing your head along to the music you're listening to. You clap with your feet together and grin as your anklets make the chuc-chuc-chuc sound that you love. You end your paragraph with a flair and you laugh, tossing your hair back.

"I really like that character development!" you exclaim.

You point at your cat with the large green eyes. She's sitting on the bed with you. You love the support you get from her. Your cat sends you a wink, and you roll your eyes but can't fight a grin. You absolutely love the thrill and high you get from being alone with a pencil and paper. You love being an author.

After all, this is your life. Reading and writing in the solitude of your room and basking in words. This is who you are.
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