Is Katy Perry's New Song Going to Be a Taylor Swift Diss?

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Uh oh! Taylor Swift's 'Bad Blood' is going to be boiling when she hears this!

We keep hoping the singer's long-running feud with Katy Perry will just end already (there's plenty of room in the pop music world for both superstars), but unfortunately, the digs just keep on comin'.

The latest is the new song Katy just reportedly registered on the BMI Repertoire database, which is called 1984. Sounds awfully familiar, doesn't it?

If case you're not up on your T. Swift stuff, the singer's latest album was called '1989,' her birth year, and features her latest hit 'Bad Blood,' which is reportedly about their falling out. Now Katy registers HER birth year (1984) as a song title and we can only imagine what kind of lyrics she's going to hit us with in that one.

Maybe, just maybe (and we're fully aware that this is a far-reaching stretch, but it's our fantasy, so don't hate us for it), Katy is doing the song as a metaphorical "rebirth" and she's going to try to mend fences with Tay. Then they'll become besties again and do the coolest collaboration that ever existed in the world.

Well, we're still gonna hold out hope...
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