New Smart Water Bottle Will Tell You When You Need to Drink More

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We try to drink as much water as we can, but are we drinking enough? Who knows. We just fill up our bottle when it's empty and drink away. There is no way to really keep track of it - or is there?

There will be very soon! The new HidrateMe Smart Water Bottle will not only keep track of how much water you're drinking, it will tell you when you're coming up short of your goal by glowing! Talk about a cool reminder.

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In the Kickstarter video, Nadya, the co-founder and CEO explains that we're tracking everything about our bodies now with fitness apps, nutrition apps, tech-enabled wrist bands and other devices, so why aren't we tracking one of the most essential components of health and fitness: Water consumption.

She and her friends all quit their jobs to create a smart water bottle that would do just that and it only took them 54 days to come up with their first prototype. It tracks how much you drink, which is recorded in the device's free app AND it syncs with your favorite wearable tech and fitness apps so you can make sure you're drinking enough for your activity level.

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It also tracks your location to account for temperature, humidity and elevation changes, which will be reflected in your daily water consumption goal.

The app will be available in Winter of this year and the first batch is expected to ship sometime between December 2015 and January 2016.

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