This Warriors Owner Probably Won't Sit Next to Rihanna Ever Again

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There are those that would kill for the chance to sit next to Rihanna just about of those people is not Golden State Warriors owner Joe Lacob.

During the Warriors' game against the Cleveland Cavaliers June 4, Rihanna was sitting courtside with her BFF Melissa Forde cheering loudly for the Cavs and Lebron James. In pics from the game, Joe can also be seen sitting right next to her. At first, all seemed well. They were spotted chatting briefly and laughing together...but, soon, Joe and his fiancé swapped seats, with his fiancé sitting next to Rihanna instead.

Although rumors flew that Joe's fiance wasn't too amused with her hubby-to-be sitting next to the Bajan beauty, there was actually a different reason he moved. Joe got so fed up with Rihanna cheering loudly for the Cavs – even after he told her he owned the Warriors – that he felt he had no other choice but to switch seats.

During a press conference after the game, he went on to explain that he was particularly heated because he moved his kids to different seats so the "B*tch Better Have My Money" singer could could sit there.
2015 NBA Finals - Game One"I want to clarify something," he said during a press conference after the game. "I did not give [Rihanna] the seats. Everyone is talking about this on radio today as I was driving around the city going to different meetings. She bought seats, paid a lot of money for them and she can root for whoever she wants, right? But I thought I would be a nice guy and took my two kids, who go to a lot of games and booted them down to the end of the court and moved her next to me."

"I said hey sit next to the owner, it is a nice thing to do," he continued. "I thought I was being friendly. She was rooting for LeBron the whole game so finally I was getting irritated and I said hey I'm the owner of the Warriors. She didn't care, she just kept going. So finally I said that's it and I moved a couple seats down. Everyone has it that I moved my fiancée next to her because she got upset that I was sitting next to Rihanna which is not true."

Rihanna has yet to respond to any of this (it's clear she wasn't phased by his sensitivity anyway), but, here's Joe giving his side of the story:

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