Ariana Grande Explains Why She's Avoiding "Superficial Bulls**t" of Fame

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Ariana Grande definitely sounds like she's got it together. First there was her feminist essay about the double standards women face - and now comes a new interview where she explains her viewpoint on how to ignore her haters.

In a new interview with The Sun (via Washington Post), Ariana claims to have "separated" herself from her celeb persona to land at a healthier place.

She explained, "Instead of getting wrapped up in this superficial bulls**t that comes with this job, I've separated myself from my artist persona and as a person I've become really healthy.

Ariana added, "And I don't give a f**k."

The singer further explained the double standard that exists – and how women contribute to it, explaining, "Girls are one of the biggest problems. A girl can be seen with a guy and suddenly she's a sl*t.

Ariana continued, "I feel we live in a world where girls will sometimes sl*t-shame each other because they're seen wearing a short skirt. Maybe they just love their legs and want to show them off. Know what I mean?"

She also explained how she is a mix of feminist and romantic: "I am so tired of being attached to a man. I'm 50 percent hopeless romantic, 50 percent fearless feminist bitch."

As for the new music Ariana has in the works for her next album, Moonlight, she told The Sun about one track about a guy: "It's about this very cute night we had together." Ari added, "I have a playlist of 12 songs already. I plan on writing a lot more as soon I get home. It's the most personal music I've ever written."
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