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What I Wish Someone Had Told Me About High School

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First of all, there is no Freshman Friday. I remember that scared the crap out of me being new to the school system in general. That first Friday, I walked into the school literally shaking. It took me the entire day to realize nobody cares about freshman enough to torture them...except this girl.
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Second, don't be afraid to try something new. Run for class president, perform in the talent show or musical, or try a new sport like lacrosse. Many people at my school play lacrosse who have never tried it before.
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Third, just because everyone is dating someone, doesn't mean you have to. I know everyone says this, but I overlooked it until I almost had a boyfriend. We had an amazing day when we were pretty much dating, and then, he tossed me aside. I realized that I had missed my friend's dance competition that day too, which I had wanted to go to. Almost having a boyfriend took up so much time that I noticed my grades dropping, happiness fading and friends leaving.
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Fourth, your friends in freshman year most likely won't all be there by your senior year. Find a couple of people you trust and know will be there for you in tough times and treasure them. They are the ones who you will be meeting after your first year of college for a special weekend.
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Fifth, don't do drugs or drink. I am very glad I have very protective parents who have kept me away from those items, but some of my friends were pressured and think that drinking is the best way to make people like them but it isn't. They now have an awful reputation (Rose did let him draw her like one of those French girls).
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Sixth, if a guy asks for nudes, do not send them. DO NOT SEND THEM! I have quite a few friends who have fallen into the trap and are now known as sluts to the school because they made one mistake. It also hurt one of my friends because he was dating a girl who sent nudes to his friends while they were together. No matter what, someone other than the person who receives them will see the photos.
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Finally, don't forget to have fun! Make mistakes (small, legal mistakes)! Fall in love, if that's what you want! Take pictures, lots of them, and videos! Laugh! Dance! Make the best friends and memories of your life because you only get one shot at this! Make it worthwhile!
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