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Why I Will Not Be Adding These 6 TV Shows to my DVR

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A new summer series called I Can Do That with host Marlon Wayans is supposed to be a fun show where celebs who already show off, can show off some more. It like America's Got Talent mixed with So You Think You Can Dance?. There are six contestants: Joe Jonas, Cheryl Burke, Ciara, Nicole Scherzinger, Jeff Dye and Alan Ritchson.

Even though it is entertaining, I think it is a waste of good TV time. Use that time to go exploring yourself. I don't know — teach yourself how to play the guitar or ride a skateboard. By the end of the summer, when someone asks you if you can do a front roll while a dog walks over you, you'll be able to say, "I can do that." You can do that if you practice instead of watching other people learn new skills on TV.

Other shows I probably won't watch while I'm climbing Mount Everest (not really) include:

BlindSpot (NBC): It's supposed to be a crime-solving show where all the clues (tattoos) are found on a naked woman's body (can someone say sexist and offensive?!), who is left in the middle of Times Square with no memory of how or when she got there.
Blindspot NBC naked in times square

Joking Off (MTV2): First off, that is one terrible title (MTV, you've got to be kidding me). Well, anyway, this show is a spin-off of Nick Cannon's show Wild 'n' Out (which is also on MTV2) and if you watch it, you'll know why I'm not adding it to my DVR.
joking off mtv2


Fear the Walking Dead

Mr. Robinson

The Whispers

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