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#CropTopDay Creator Shuts Down Haters via Social Media

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Crop tops are one of the newer clothing trends for teenagers and girls my age. I tried on a crop top in the store the other day, and it became my favorite piece of clothing ever. Looking at myself in the mirror, I knew that it wasn't about how other people saw me in it, but how I saw myself in it. This really cool Canadian girl called Alexi Halket realized that, too.

Alexi is a female advocate and musician. I got the chance to talk with her via Twitter. She told me that she is "currently working on a female power song that will inspire women to take a stand when they are wronged. Especially when it comes to being objectified." There is a story behind the inspiration of this song, and that is her 18th birthday when she decided to start a high school revolution called #CropTopDay.

The idea for the day came when a teacher wrote her down for wearing a crop top that looked too much like a sports bra. She made it clear to me that she had no idea which teacher had reported her. "Kinda cowardly," she said of it. "I went in to the office and refused to change or cover up, and I was sent to the principal where we talked for over an hour and came to no conclusion except a threat that if I wore something like this again I would be called in to the office," she wrote on the Crop Top Day Facebook page.
Alexi was told that the school dress code was more enforced for professionalism than it is to keep overexcited teenage boys from being distracted. When I asked her if she feels that there's a connection between sexualization and professionalism, she told me, "Dress codes were originally created at schools because of distractions and they kind of suck, and it was then said that it was due to professionalism which I think is just baloney. The fact that what someone puts on their body makes them more or less taken seriously is so wrong and messed up and stupid. The only uniforms and dress codes I understand are like retail places so that customers can tell who's working there."

I agreed with her and told her a story about how I had loose dress codes when I worked in retail a few years ago. But her opinions don't stop there, and they, in fact, get better.

"People's opinions on what other people wear come from very misogynistic times in history, and men dictated what was okay and what wasn't. The women had to EARN respect by dressing to a certain standard," Alexi said. "Clothes were originally made to protect human from the environment, but now there's such a messed up, made up social standard, and restrictions on what people wear."

So, she decided to stand up to those standards. She made a Facebook event page for #CropTopDay (which you can read all of the details about on BuzzFeed) and invited all of her schoolmates to it.
She wrote on the page, "So PLEASE wear a crop top, sports bra, bralette, bandeau, or anything similar and stand in solidarity against the sexualization of women's bodies on my birthday."

She never expected this whole thing to go worldwide. She told me, "I didn't even think people at my school would care, I thought maybe there would be 50 people tops, but NOPE." As a matter of fact, she was recognized by magazines and websites all over the world: "My friend from England told me I was in the newspaper there, which was mental."

Alexi wasn't scared to use her body as the voice of her movement. To her, her body has always been a big part of her confidence. And she never let her confidence go down, even when haters were on her case. But she has something to say to those who hate on her revolution and all the girls behind it:

"Not only are you missing the point, but you're also spending your entire days on Facebook saying disgustingly awful things to/about a teenage girl THAT YOU DON'T KNOW. That's a pretty sad way to spend your life. You're also making insanely false assumptions about me that you are in no place to make. Just because you're hiding behind a keyboard, you think you can get away with saying whatever you want, but most of you would never say these things in person. But even if you would, that would be even more disturbing, and really say something about your character. Please, with all due respect, find something better to do with your lives, and open your mind to the bigger picture here."

I truly believe that Alexi, I, and a whole lot of other powerful women are going to change the world.

"It'll take a long time," Alexi said. "But we will."
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