This Dog Fights Hard to Prevent Her New Lobster Friend From Becoming Dinner

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We are obsessed with dogs, it's a fact. But this video can appeal to dog lovers, vegans, lobster advocates (we know you're out there!) and pretty much everybody else who likes cute stuff.

We're not sure why this German Shepherd was playing with this lobster, but the family gave it to her and she got to hang out before little L-man got cooked.

Unfortunately for the fam, she formed a pretty tight bond with her new friend and she was not about to let her pal become dinner without putting up a fight.

First, her canine companion tries to see if she's willing to share and she is NOT having it. Literally, this was a teeth out situation and when a dog shows you their pearly whites they ain't smilin' at you...

When her humans try to get involved, Sami goes for the sad eyes. Dogs know that sad eyes work for everything...except protecting lobsters, apparently.
Eventually, she loses the lobster battle and Sami is forced to sit there in defeat after her little lobster friend has been pried from her paws.
Noooooooooo! Sorry, Sami!

Maybe she can make friends with this "lobster" instead.

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