Kendall vs. Kylie Jenner in a Game of "Which Sister"

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We think we know Kendall and Kylie Jenner pretty well based on what we see of them in Keeping Up With The Kardashians and because we keep up with both of them on Twitter and Instagram.

But, nobody could possibly know Kendall or Kylie as well as they know each other, which is why we love the fact that they played this game of "Which Sister" with Glamour.

First question: Which sister takes more selfies? Each of them immediately held up the sign with the other sister's name on it. LOL!

We kind of have to agree with Kendall on this one, we see a lot more selfies of Kylie than we do of Kenny. Not that we're complaining because we love Ky's selfies, but she definitely takes more...or at least shares more of the ones she does take!

Next question: Which sister eats more junk food. Kylie has admitted in a past interview that she loves her junk food, but they both agreed that Kendall actually eats more of it...until Kendall changed her mind, saying she's been "good" lately.

Other questions they answered include: Which sister is a bigger tattletale? Which sister has the biggest shoe collection? And which sister is nicer?

Our favorite part, by far, was when they were asked which sister was the better cheerleader and they both felt the need to show their skills and prove why they deserved the title.
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